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We empower organizations with a unique blend of professional services & cloud software
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Software Development

We create beautiful, cloud-native Software

Designing and developing beautiful and simple software is our key goal. We've been building and enhancing 立博客户端app下载 Freedom, our 5-application, total solution software since 1999.

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Website Design & Development

We create unique and intuitive websites for non-profits

At 立博客户端app下载, we've been designing and coding websites for over 20 years. Design is just like fashion, it comes in and out of style so it's always important to stay on top of key trends within your website. Our websites are designed to be mobile-first, Search Engine optimized, and fast. Learn how we can help you redesign by contacting a strategist today!

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Digital Marketing Strategy

We strategize to enhance your digital voice and brand

立博客户端app下载 can help you optimize your website for Search, get you up and running with Pay-Per-Click ads, and even set you up on our Marketing Application to send mass emails, manage surveys, polls, and more. We'd love to hear what you need!

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Graphic Design

We have a team of creators to envision the designs of your dreams

Whether you're an Economic Development Organization looking to create a custom map of your region, a small non-profit looking for a new brand, or a large membership organization looking to revamp your entire website, we would love to design a masterpiece for you. Just like a flower, brands need to be taken care of. Speak to a brand specialist today and learn how our design services can help your organization blossom.

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Data Migrations

We can transfer, transform, and beautify your complex data

We're experts in data. Migrations are hard, so it's important to work with a seasoned team to keep your precious membership, event, finance, and history intact during a software transition. When you switch to the Freedom CMS or Total Solution software, we'll do the heavy lifting so you don't have to worry.

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Mobile App Development

We build and manage mobile apps

We help organizations dream up and leverage custom apps for events, member benefits, fitness centers, and more... All integrated completely with our software for easy management. Learn how our experts can create a unique iOS and Android app for your organization.

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Services Overview


Core Software Development
Website/Marketing Management Tools
Ops: Membership, Event, Programs Tools
Sales & Finance Tools

Industry-Based Development
Camp & ECD Management,
Check-In, Vouchers, Committees,
Reservations, and more

Software & Website Hosting
Enterprise Hosting on AWS
(Amazon Web Services) with elastic
storage & scalable services


Websites: Design
Custom & Template-Based
Designs, implemented for each
customer in a 70-120 day project

Websites: Development:
Each site coded from scratch
using the latest web languages
and technologies

Comprehensive Support:
U.S. Based support included for
all customers. Phone, Email,
Ticketing System & DevOps


Digital Strategy: Email
Leverage 立博客户端app下载's drag-n-drop
templates & list management to
email members, prospects & more

Digital Strategy: Search
We can help run PPC and Social
campaigns, as well as optimize
your site for Search Engines

Creative Design
Custom regional maps for EDOs,
 data visuals for your site, custom
microsite & landing page designs


Mobile App Development
Custom & Template-Based
designs, developed natively for
iOS & Android platforms

Complex Data Migrations
Bring all your contacts, history,
financial data, and more to 
Freedom with our unique process

Data Cleanup
We will help you leverage our
proprietary data purification tools
to clean your messy data



Nonprofits often struggle to grow because of fragmented software, outdated websites, and a lack of focus on their digital strategy.

立博客户端app下载 solves this with a unique blend of services and software. The Freedom Software is a total software solution with tools to manage your Website, Membership, Events, Finance, Sales & Marketing empowering your nonprofit to thrive.

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